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"In every way this novel stands head and shoulders with the best books written about the American war in Vietnam."

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No one ever died under Lieutenant Bill Brandt’s command, however he found himself fighting more than just the enemy. A young infantry rifle platoon leader must choose between career or integrity, allegiance or defiance, and ultimately between life or death. This story of Historical and Military Fiction set in the Vietnam War answers the question, “What’s it like to be in combat?”

Do you have a relative who served, but never talked to you about his or her experiences? Do you enjoy getting involved with a character and walking with him through the story? Reviewers say they learned about this period of history. Reviewers also said, “It’s not about the war, it’s about the people.” Veterans say, “It took me back there.”

Brandt struggles with his duty to accomplish his mission and his loyalty downward to his men. He is forced to make moral and ethical decisions he never anticipated, tries to resolve conflicts as a matter of semantics, and begins making his own Rules of Engagement. His choices challenge his commitment to honesty and lead him down a path that diverges from the very reasons he volunteered for service in Vietnam.

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